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I was told finger leather I think, I got a lot of coral and can't remember.

Ph 8.3
alk 268.5 (if this is KH?)
Calcium 400-415
Temp 80
SG 1.025

I tested my nitrates and they where at 10 so I'm trying to get them down. This is the highest they have been in over a year and I don't know why. Prolly the bioballs that I was told by the LFS was good for the tank. Then I got on here . They will be coming out when I figure out how to shut up the sound of the water hitting the bottom. Ammonia was at .25 as well. It's usually at 0. There was no Nitrite.

You may be right about it being a colt though, if so, what kind is it? Thanks for all the help guys.

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