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Originally Posted by Scungili View Post
I had a major Ich infestation in my 180 a year or so ago. I tried to aquire all my fish and transplant them to a "quarantine" tank and treated with copper. I managed to quarantine 3 of the 4 larger fish, luckily I was never able to get my other moorish idol to enter the fish trap. Of the 3 fish, 2 died. Not to mention, there were several other smaller fish that would require disassembly of my tank. At the time I read up on the lifecycle and the preferred treatment.

In the end I was never successful in treating the Ich, and I was able to give away the lone surviving Powder Blue to a party knowing that it had the Symptoms.

My tank to this day, since then, has not had so much as a fish rubbing a gill. In other words, not a single sign that the bug exists. But Im sure it does...

My point is, sometimes the safer thing to try, is donate or quarantine a fish or two. Try the bully or the wimp, or maybe its the water quality or crowdedness, whichever/whatever is causing unrest and nervousness. Believe me, I love science and the theory and facts about the Ich lifecycle and the ways to disrupt and end it. But in all practicality, ask yourself, are you doing more harm then good? Maybe you can pull off an entire quarantine of your tank. For me it proved too difficult and deadly. I should have just removed my to aggressors upon first indication, and waiting a couple weeks.
I believe this is a good arguement of the value of QT before introduction to the DT. Taking fish out of an existing tank is not a fun job. The fish don't enjoy it nor the owner. However, an initial quarantine of only 1 fish at a time is not difficult to do. The fact remains that if you don't QT, you accept the risk that goes along with it. No professional aquarium would ever dream of skipping the QT, the risk is too great. For some home aquarists, taking on this risk is considered acceptable. If the fish gets sick and dies, they can just get another, or some simliar mindset. The fact that some of us think one way and some think another is fine, but does not diminish the value of a good QT process. Here is a great article on quarantine.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure:

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