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Originally Posted by Rosscopeco View Post
No new additions for some time now apart from rock and corals. No QT as I feel the stress from the QT is often a killer.
Please don't take this the wrong way and think I'm advocating a no QT policy. Quarantine works if done correctly. I just feel that it's beyond the means of many aquarists.

The point I'm trying to make is about people thinking that sticking a fish, in a tank by itself, will show signs of ich if infected. How do you know unless you stress the fish out to a point where the fish is covered?
Take a cutting from the gills and view it under a microscope?
"Back to the lab Batman".
I made the mistake of not QT' my Hippo tang, and the transportation process obviously stressed the hell outta him. Soon after he developed ich. My QT water and my DT water are the same in every way. If theres a problem after transport in the QT, big deal, its isolated. Praying your fish dont get a disease, and if for some reason they do in your tank, how do you treat? it's impossible to treat in your DT tank! you just let your fish go about their business?

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