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flood damage to tank stand

The room I have my 60 gallon tank in flooded Friday night with the big rainstorm we had. Standing water was about an inch deep in the carpeted room, but we were able to pump it out in a couple of hours. I am tearing out the rug and will replace the bottom 12 inches of drywall in the room. What about my tank stand?

I really don't want to have to drain the tank, move it and replace the rug underneath, but it feels like a bad idea to not do anything. The tank stand is made of wood, and the floor of it is just particle board I think. Does anyone have experience with a flood and a tank stand on a rug? DId you bite the bullet, move the tank and replace the rug? Did you throw out your stand? My big concern is mold, or that the stand might be weakened and need to be replaced. Moving the tank would be a big hassle (70 pounds of live rock, lots of well established softies and LPS) in time and effort, but I want to do the right thing...

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