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The only thing I can tell you is what I have tried and is working so far. First thing is, I have a QT that is 20 gal. turned the filter off and put an air line with a slow steady stream of bubbles coming out. My QT is BB with nothing but water in it. I feed them live phytoplankton and frozen cyclopeeze, not too much because you have to watch your water params because there isn't a filter running. From what I have been reading, is that they go through many stages of development so I don't really know if these will make it either, time will tell. Oh and in one of the links that romunov posted, said to feed rotifers to them also. But you are definitely going to have to get another tank, if you don't have a QT I would suggest you get one, if for nothing else the safety of your display tank residents.

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