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I have never used a UV sterilizer, but I plan to on my next tank.

Considering an aquarium is a closed enviroment where free floating single celled organisms (bacteria and algae) can quickly reach concentrations that greatly exceed anything found in nature, I think UV sterilizers make sense. Imagine being in a crowded elevator or airplane when someone sneezes (versus a forest).

I don't think they can kill parasites or copepods. Which is probably good for both FOWLR and reef tanks since the fish live on the pods.

During an Ich outbreak, eliminating free floating bacteria and other opportunistic smaller organsims can help your fish survive. I am putting this one on my 500 gallon (total volume) system with plans to run it intermittantly.

I got this one because the plumbing works and I like the idea of the wiper gimmick!


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