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i am fairly certain that tank did crash from the vinegar. now by crash i mean too much oxygen was removed from the water and everything suffocated in my tank. When i dosed the kalk i kept a VERY close eye on my ph, and it never moved. i used 2 different test kits to ensure proper readings. i did however use a lot of vinegar.

i started with 1 gal ro/di to top off, and added 3 tablespoons of dry kalk and a power head help let it dissolve. i then added vinegar until the ph dropped. now with no buffering in this mixture the ph went from very high to very low with almost no in between. once i got it very close to neutral i added 2 gal of tank water and let it sit for 2 hrs to stabilize. i got the ph of the solution to 8.3 and then added this back into the tank over about 1 hr, testing the ph of my tank every 5-10 min, and after the dosing every 20, then 1hr, then 2hr, then 4hr..... The rest of my tank params stayed normal.

here is the problem. in order to neutralize the ph of 3 tablespoons of kalk it took almost 5 CUPS of vinegar. The following bacteria bloom was so big i could not see anything more than 3 or 4 inches from the glass. so while my ph stayed normal, there was no oxygen in my water. call me an idiot, because i was, but this dosing indisputably killed pretty much everything in my tank.

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